Betwinner Payments in Kenya with MPESA Paybill

Betwinner’s steady progress in Kenya has managed to make a lasting impression on local bettors since their launch in the East African country. The reasons for their rising popularity are apparent, and one of the significant pros of having a Betwinner betting account is the hassle-free and prompt deposit method available to customers. In a previous guide, we detailed the process of Betwinner deposits. Now, let’s shift our focus to depositing to Betwinner via paybill and the step-by-step procedure for withdrawing money using Mpesa.

Betwinner Payments in Kenya

Deposit money to Betwinner with Mpesa Paybil

Betwinner Kenya provides limited deposit methods, which can be slightly underwhelming when compared to the plethora of deposit options available on Betwinner Nigeria. However, this discrepancy is not surprising, considering the dominance of Mobile money in Kenya. As a result, Betwinner users in the country can enjoy the convenience of super-fast deposits through Mpesa, a highly favored and widely popular option among Kenyan bettors due to its speed and ease of use. Furthermore, Safaricom Mpesa boasts extensive coverage across Kenya.

Depositing money to your Betwinner account using Mpesa is a simple process. To begin, you’ll need the Betwinner paybill number, which is 7011780 for Safaricom Mpesa.

In addition to the paybill number, you’ll also require a mobile phone number to initiate a deposit into your Betwinner account using Mpesa. Follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Open M-PESA on your mobile phone.
  2. Select “Lipa na M-PESA.”
  3. Choose “Paybill.”
  4. Enter 7011780 as the Business number.
  5. Fill in the account number: Betwinner.
  6. Enter the desired deposit amount.
  7. Provide your M-PESA PIN and confirm the transaction.

Once completed, you will receive an SMS confirming the successful deposit.

Betwinner PayBill Number and deposit conditions.

If you’re planning to make a deposit on Betwinner Kenya using Mpesa, take note of the following essential details:

Paybill NumberMinimum Deposit AmountMaximum Deposit LimitPayment Processing Time
7011780KES 100KES 70,000Instant

With these details in mind, you can conveniently deposit funds into your Betwinner account using Mpesa. Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or just starting, the process is simple, fast, and hassle-free. Enjoy the seamless deposit experience and start exploring the exciting world of online betting on Betwinner Kenya!

What is the minimum deposit at Betwinner KE ?

The minimum deposit at BetWinner Paybill is 100 KES. If you wish to claim the current 100% deposit bonus, you are required to deposit at least 100 KES. This minimum deposit amount applies to all the available deposit options on the BetWinner website.

By depositing the minimum amount or more, you become eligible for the deposit bonus offered by the platform. However, it’s essential to review and understand the specific terms and conditions related to the deposit bonus to ensure you meet all the requirements for claiming it.

Remember that depositing more than the minimum amount is also possible, and you can choose the payment method that is most convenient for you. Always check for any updates or changes to the minimum deposit requirement on the BetWinner website to stay informed about the latest information.

Withdrawal from with Mpesa

To withdraw money from Betwinner via Mpesa in Kenya, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Betwinner account.
  2. Click on the ‘Withdraw’ button.
  3. Select the Mpesa withdrawal option.
  4. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw (The minimum amount is KES 225).
  5. A code will be sent to your registered mobile phone number.
  6. Enter the code on the Betwinner website.
  7. Click on the confirm button to proceed with the withdrawal.
  8. You will receive a message confirming the successful completion of the withdrawal.

Please note that the maximum withdrawal limit is KES 140,000 per day. Betwinner covers the transaction charges, so customers don’t have to worry about additional fees.

If you need more information or assistance, you can refer to Betwinner’s withdrawal section or reach out to their customer support.

Terms and Conditions for Withdrawal

Betwinner has a withdrawal policy that includes the following key points:

  1. No transfer between payment systems: Betwinner does not recommend transferring funds from one payment system to another. This means that you cannot move money from one payment method to another within your Betwinner account.
  2. Withdrawal after placing a bet: Customers cannot withdraw funds from their Betwinner account without placing a bet. Placing a bet is a prerequisite for initiating a withdrawal.
  3. Withdrawal method must match deposit method: Users can only withdraw funds using the same method that was used to make the initial deposit. For example, if you deposited funds via Mpesa Paybill, you can only withdraw funds to the same Mpesa account.
  4. Non-reimbursement of service charges: In certain circumstances or for specific customers, Betwinner may decide not to reimburse service charges imposed by payment systems on deposits or withdrawals. This means that any additional fees charged by the payment system may not be refunded by Betwinner.
  5. Multiple deposit methods available: While depositing via Paybill is one of the methods available, Betwinner offers various other ways for customers to fund their betting accounts. Users can explore different payment options to deposit money into their Betwinner accounts.

It’s important to be aware of these withdrawal policies to ensure a smooth and hassle-free betting experience on Betwinner. For more details and specific information, customers can refer to Betwinner’s official website or contact their customer support.

Problems with Payments at Betwinner Kenya ?

If you are experiencing payment issues at Betwinner, here are some common problems that users might encounter and possible solutions:

  1. Payment Declined/Rejected: If your payment is being declined or rejected, double-check the payment details you entered, including the card number, expiration date, CVV, or any other required information. Ensure that you have sufficient funds in your account or that your card is not expired or blocked for online transactions. If the issue persists, contact your bank or payment provider to inquire about the reason for the decline.
  2. Transaction Pending/Processing Delay: Sometimes, payment transactions may take longer than usual to process. This can be due to various reasons, including high transaction volumes or technical issues on the payment provider’s end. In such cases, it’s best to wait for some time and check your Betwinner account to see if the transaction status changes. If the delay continues, you can contact Betwinner’s customer support to inquire about the issue.
  3. Wrong Withdrawal Method: As mentioned in Betwinner’s withdrawal policy, you can only withdraw funds using the same method that was used for depositing. If you are trying to withdraw using a different method, the transaction may not go through. Ensure that you are using the correct withdrawal method.
  4. Exceeded Withdrawal Limits: Betwinner has daily withdrawal limits. If you are trying to withdraw an amount higher than the daily limit, the transaction will not be processed. Check the withdrawal limits on Betwinner and ensure that you are within the allowed range.
  5. Payment System Errors: Occasionally, there may be technical issues with the payment system itself. In such cases, you can try again later or use an alternative payment method if available.
  6. Contact Customer Support: If none of the above solutions resolve your payment issues, it’s best to reach out to Betwinner’s customer support. They can investigate the problem and provide personalized assistance.

Remember, when dealing with payment issues, always ensure that you are using a secure and reputable internet connection and avoid sharing your payment details with anyone not associated with Betwinner’s official support channels.


What is the minimum deposit required at Betwinner Kenya?

The minimum deposit at Betwinner Kenya is 100 KES.

How can I deposit money to my Betwinner account using Mpesa Paybill?

To deposit money to your Betwinner account using Mpesa Paybill, follow these steps:
Open M-PESA on your mobile phone.
Select “Lipa na M-PESA.”
Choose “Paybill.”
Enter 7011780 as the Business number.
Fill in the account number: Betwinner.
Enter the desired deposit amount.
Provide your M-PESA PIN and confirm the transaction.
Once completed, you will receive an SMS confirming the successful deposit.

What is the maximum withdrawal limit at Betwinner Kenya?

The maximum withdrawal limit at Betwinner Kenya is KES 140,000 per day.

Can I withdraw funds from Betwinner using a different method than the one used for depositing?

No, Betwinner requires users to withdraw funds using the same method that was used for the initial deposit. For example, if you deposited funds via Mpesa Paybill, you can only withdraw funds to the same Mpesa account.

What should I do if I encounter payment issues at Betwinner Kenya?

If you experience payment issues at Betwinner Kenya, consider the following solutions:
Double-check the payment details and ensure sufficient funds or correct information.
Wait for processing delays and check the transaction status later.
Use the correct withdrawal method as per Betwinner’s policy.
Verify that your withdrawal amount is within the allowed limits.
Contact Betwinner’s customer support for personalized assistance if the issue persists.

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